Professional productions, friendly interactions. We’re about more than mere facts and figures—we’re about passion and a great atmosphere, too. And it’s what gets us excited (almost) every day.

Radio commercials

The classics! We fill concepts with life—through ever-new arrangements, voices and sound designs.

TV commercials

We make elaborately filmed TV commercials even better, bring pictures to life and generate emotion through the right mix of music, words and sound design.


The perfect online mix for tutorials, virals and trailers.

Industrial films

German or foreign language recordings for image films, including German and international voice casting.

On-air promotion

Teasers, individual trailers, serial trailers, image trailers—the range is as extensive as our expertise in broadcaster-specific communication. We deliver voice-over, sound design and R128 mixes in all versions.

ISDN voice recordings

The voice talent is located in a different city or abroad? No problem. Together with our partner studios, we can set up a live connection to Munich via ISDN or IP—in perfect sound quality, of course.


The pure dynamics of the surround feeling: We create commercials and trailers in Dolby 5.1and LEQ82 for you.